Unlock Your Phone Today With Blackwire!

1. Fill out the form then confirm your payment

Simply just fill out The Unlock Request Form and we will send you a quote an invoice for payment, along with estimated delivery time. Prices and delivery times vary depending on the device model and carrier.

2. We email you the unlock code

Once your payment is received and your unlock code is generated successfully, you will receive an email notification with the unlock code and step-by-step instructions to unlock your device.

3. Enter the code into your phone

After you receive the email with the unlock code, simply follow the step-by-step instructions to enter the unlock code into your phone. Once inserted, your phone will be fully unlocked to use with any GSM sim card. If your phone is not unlocked successfully you get your money back!

Most of the time when you buy a phone it is locked to a specific carrier. Smartphone unlocking removes the carrier’s lock and allows you to use your phone on other services. At Blackwire Solutions We Believe It’s Your Phone, Use It How You Want!!! Simply just fill out The Unlock Request Form and we will send a quote along with the estimated time (usually 1-5 days). Once your payment is received we will generate a unlock code and email you back with your Unlock Code and instructions. Prices Vary Depending On Which Phone And Carrier You Have.


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